Ambre Suprême


It opens with spices, woods and florals, cardamom, cinnamon, pink peppercorn. Jasmine, orange flower. Not only bright, it later shows a dark and mineral something with Immortelle, Castoreum, Hyraceum.
Ambergris, the near-mythical aged and oxidized exudate from a sperm whale, is one of the most prized ingredients in perfumery. Due to its rarity and cost, Ambergris (“grey amber”) is synthetic in 99 percent perfumes that list it as an ingredient.
In Ambre Suprême, the natural version specially sourced and tinctured using our proprietary ultrasound extraction is used in a 10% dosage, putting a spotlight on this precious ingredient with a unique ability to amplify and unify other notes in a composition.
Les Indémodables

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Our guidelines set qualitative formulation constraints on our perfumers, specifically requiring them to use significant quantities of the most valuable natural extracts. This ensures a bright, beautiful and refined perfume rendering on the skin, an undoubtedly more subtle and mysteriously facetted signature.

Once the fragrance formula has been created, L’atelier français des matières takes charge of the entire manufacturing process of the perfume, finishing with the sealing of the bottle. This makes us unique in the intimate world of Haute Parfumerie.
Les Indémodables


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