Smoke Flower


Top Notes: Baie Rose, Cardamom, Ukon, Clove, Tobacco
Heart Notes: Incense, Lily of the valley, Kanzo
Base Notes: Amber, Oud/Jinko, Cashmere Wood

The mellow seductiveness of brilliantly colored flowers is gently enveloped and fused with the tobacco smoke of smoldering intellect, while the deeply spreading turmeric (ukon) and medicinal plants further bring out the latent, holy fragrance that lies deep inside. A fragrance like sweet and rich honey.

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“TOBALI” is a Japanese word that was created more than 1000 years ago. It can mean a cloth used to hide something, or hanging silk used to divide a space and offer concealment.
Being hidden by a veil, allowing only glimpses to be seen, both increases the appeal of what lies on the other side and sublimates that attraction. Therefore the name “TOBALI” was chosen.

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100 ml, 50 ml, Sample 1,5 ml