La Tsarine


Top Notes:
blackcurrant, honey, saffron, petitgrain, and clary sage
Heart Notes: tuberose, narcissus, dried fruit, cumin, jasmine absolute, and orange flower absolute
Base Notes: musk, civet, papyrus, costus, guaiac, cedar, sandalwood, castoreum, oak moss, and fir balsam

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Senyokô chooses only the finest raw materials in the perfumery industry and never limits the nose’s budget as it is a product-focused brand that prioritizes the quality and uniqueness of its products. Senyokô’s supplier list is highlighted by the world’s most prestigious raw material manufacturers, and the brand respects the constructional beauty of odorant molecules — neither water nor coloring has ever been added to its creations.

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50 ml, Sample 1,5 ml