Payment Methods


If you choose to pay in advance, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with our bank details after sending the order. When making a wire transfer, please make sure that your order number is included in the purpose of use, as this is the only way we can allocate your payment. Once this has been credited to our bank account, your delivery will be prepared for dispatch. Please note that depending on the credit institution, it may take 2-4 business days for your payment to be credited to our account. If we do not receive the payment within 10 working days, we will cancel the order.

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When making wire transfers from abroad, please make sure that you include the transfer costs of the bank and that the entire invoice amount is credited to our account. Please understand that fees for bank transfers from abroad cannot be paid by us.


You can also pay quickly and easily with PayPal. At the end of the ordering process you will be forwarded directly to PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, you can log in with your user data and confirm the payment. If you are new to PayPal, you can log in as a guest or open a PayPal account and then confirm the payment. Once the payment is booked with us, your order will be prepared to dispatch. Please note that we have no control over processing errors made by PayPal.

Credit Card and direct debit via PayPal Plus:

You can pay securely via credit card and direct debit on PayPal Plus.  During the order process you will be redirected to PayPal Plus where you can enter your payment information. Of course all communication is encrypted. Your account will be charged after your order has been completed.

You don’t need an active PayPal account to use the payment with credit card or direct debit via PayPal Plus.