Sample Service

Parfums Uniques offers you the opportunity to order samples of any reference. Samples can be selected by changing the Size option within the main product page.

– Minimum order 20 Euro
– One sample only per Perfume
– Maximum order 5 samples
– Each sample contains approx. 1,5 – 2 ml

Product liability Notes on Samples:

Each sample is decanted by hand and the date of filling will be noted on all our samples.
We’d like to remind you that fragrance samples should be used within 5 months after filling. Unfortunately it is not possible to indicate all the ingredients on the sample vessel.
Alternatively we will send original samples provided by the brand.

Ingredients of perfumes may cause allergic reactions. Therefore we advise anyone who is prone to allergies against using any of the products and thereby assume no liability.
By ordering samples you are confirming our exemption of liability.